Alvin Ofori-Brown and DarkoDesign


Alvin Ofori-Brown is a digital artist born and raised in London. Upon finishing secondary school, he attended a Virtual Product Design course at Brunel University where he learned the essentials of design and engineering. Particular fond of using Photoshop and Illustrator for his own websites and projects, he continued to learn new skills and apply them to solve problems which he still does today. Upon graduating, his professional design career began after getting hired designing websites and email campaigns for companies.

Along the way having worked with industry giants such as eBay, Paypal and Gumtree, Alvin has never stopped creating and pushing himself with the next challenge.

Today, Alvin is focusing on applying his unique background of engineering, passions and experience to clients, creating work to bridge gaps and bring value.

The standard of his work was always exemplary and I never once had any complaints
Les Dood, Regional Manager at MyClubBetting